Thursday, 19 December 2013

Snow Bear @ Top Tip Tuesday


I don't know about you, but this Christmas thing is getting a bit too close for comfort.  My house looks a tip (my own fault, I decided to start redecorating first week in December!), I've no idea who is getting what, and I'm seriously behind on the card front!

Well I can't turn back time and wait until after Christmas to spruce the house up, and thankfully its pretty much done.  The kids pressies are pretty much sorted (and I can always top them up with cash if need be!).  As for the cards - I'm afraid some people are going to get bought cards this year!  Some will still be made ones, but I've decided to put the cape away, and give up being Super Woman this year, it's far to stressful, and frankly, the cape keeps getting caught in the car door, and I'm getting odd looks wearing the tight fitting suit while in the supermarket...

Seriously, why do we do it to ourselves, it is only one day, and as long as the kids are sorted, no-one in my family actually cares about pressies, they just like catching up and relaxing... and if anyone cares to mention that maybe I should have presented the house better, then they will be given a duster and asked to right whatever wrongs they can spot!   Hmmm, I could could say something meaningful about the spirit of the season here, but I think you get the point :-D

Anyway, I think this is pretty much it from a Christmas/Season's Greetings card point of view from me this year.  Depending on how things go, there might be one or two more, but I'm not worrying if not!

OK... so this fortnights Top Tip Challenge was to incorporate Snowflakes and I used an image from this fortnights sponsor - Stampfairy - this little guy is Barry Winter 1.  I just love this little guy - how cute is he?

I know the snowflakes are subtle on this one, as I've used Kraft CS, but they are there... honest!!

I used papers, cheesecloth and pins from Live and Love Crafts, plus my go-to Christmas die by Memory Box.
And I liked it so much, I did another one, in a different colourway, and reversed the position of the bows and bits and bobs

Still love him in his blue outfit...

Again, I've blinged up his hat, and added gems to the die cut (on this one, the gems on the lace came already attached!)

So there you go, wait ages, and two come along at once!

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Sue xx

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Keep It Clean (and Simple) @ LCI


It's just stuck me how similar both my posts are today - it's really not intentional!

I made this card a couple of weeks ago for a demo evening at my friends, Karen, Bev and Stacey's Craft ClubKerry (aka Head Ladybug) very kindly let me use this rather fab image, and it was a bonus as it fitted perfectly with Susan's challenge at Ladybug Crafts Ink which is

I really like this image, it's cool and stylish and works so well with a CAS style - if you want your own, it's called Shoe Tree Delight, and there is also Handbag Delight for the handbag lover in your life!!  It was also lots of fun seeing the ladies who came to the demo night play create their own versions of the card.  I'm certainly no Copic star, but I'm happy to help others try things and pass on tips and hints that I've picked up through trial and error (mostly error, if I'm honest!)

Why is my picture fuzzy!!!  I blame the photographer (me!!)  I'll try and change it to a non-blury one ASAP.  Honestly, you'd think I'd taken it after my work Christmas Party (hic!)

This will be the last LCI challenge this year... boooo.... but we will be back on 4th February.... hurrah!... with lots more inspiration and images galore - double hurrah!!  Can you tell it's Panto season?  LOL

Before then I hope to be posting lots of lovely cards, but in the meantime, I hope you have fun playing along with this fortnights challenge

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Sue xx

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As You Like It Challenge - Favourite Digi (this one is my new fave - why... if you could see my shoe cupboard all would become clear!)

Snowflakes @ Top Tip Tuesday


I need to fess up here, this is NOT the card that I should have been posting today, but there was a slight hic-cup, caused in no small part by the entire family (except me!) being ill, and me not being as on top of things as I usually am... honestly, you'd think that I was a planner in real life, and should be organised with everything that is going on!  oooooh... wait... that is what I do... bother!

Anyway, I hope to post the original card as a mid-way reminder next week, or maybe before if I can't wait :-D

Soooooo, today's Top Tip Tuesday Challenge is Snowflakes, and we are sponsored by Stamp Fairy.

I've gone a bit CAS today though (just wait til you see the very-not-CAS card that should have been making an appearance today!!).  I'm loving embossing on Kraft - it looks fabulous and it you get a hot-spot it doesn't seem to notice as much as on pure white- not that I do that ever!!  Also, as the festive season (and last posting dates) gets ever closer I think we all go a bit simpler, if nothing else, the postage costs of heavy cards are horrific when you are posting more than just one card!

I've used one of my oldest ever stamps - it's a wooden one and was one of the cheapest I ever bought, so it's a bit of a mare to stamp, but I still like it.  I've used a Metallic black embossing powder with a hint of glitter.  But a Snowflake it most certainly is!

Hope you are having a better week than me - it can only get better from here for me!

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you have time to play along with the challenge

Sue xx

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