Sunday, 27 January 2013

Exciting News - crafty and home!


It's been a busy weekend - crafting (with a bit of crafty shopping for good measure) yesterday - I finished off a couple of cards which I'll share with you soon ;-).  And I got myself a couple of dies I've been hankering after, and refilled some of my c/s stash too!!

Good job too, as Ladybug Crafts Ink have a new release on Tuesday - hurrah!!  And we are having a blog hop to celebrate.  The new images are top secret at the moment, but all will be revealed Tuesday morning!!

On the way back from my little trip out my windscreen wipers decided to pack up on the car - good job it wasn't raining!!  This is the latest in a long line of niggles, and it's got to the stage where we would have to start spending serious money keeping it going, with the fear that something terminal was just around the corner.  I can't really complain, it's got a fair few miles under it's belt (as have I!) and it's done us well over the last couple of years, but HB was already working on a plan to replace it... bless him he was going to surprise me by just buying something, and doing the big bow on the top, but then he got cold feet over the colour, so fessed up and we went and had a look today... eeekk!!  I've always wanted one of these cars, and I'll be picking it up later in the week :-D  You'll have to wait and see what it is though!!

Hope you have had a good weekend

Sue xx

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