Friday, 9 September 2011

Flying by


Thank goodness it's nearly the weekend, as I've had a shocker of a week!!  In short, STILL don't know what is happening and if I am being made redundant or not - we have been told that we will find out more tomorrow... ahhh!!!  I do wish they'd hurry up and get on with it all, it's coming up for three weeks and I still don't know much more than I did on day one!

So it was the perfect timing for my washing machine to develop a fault and refuse to pump water in (I think it caught a gremlin off the fridge, which is still trying to cook the food instead of keeping it cool) and for me to get a puncture... oh deep joy... there goes the wages that I don't know if I'm going to be getting after this month :-/

The only positive is that my mum (and MIL) are doing my washing for me, and bless my mum, not only has she washed our clothes but they have all been returned ironed!!  I have been handwashing (I have a blister on my left index finger to prove it!!) our "smalls" though... I know she loves us, but there are limits :-D

Anyway, enough rambling, onto today's card

I bought some Kraftin Kimmie stamps from Zoe Bunny's on the bank holiday as they had a sale and HOW could I resist!!

I teamed the Emilia with some Lime Twist "Out of the Blue" papers (I got mine here) which seemed a great choice.  I love the little plane which comes with this image, as I can see it being used on it's own or as a background stamp.

Oddly I raided my scrapbook stash and used some Thickers foam letters to make the Hi sentiment.  I'm going to be honest and say that there has been a bit of a rush on my cards that can be used as notelets from my colleagues whose children are off to Uni this year, but I might just keep this one for myself... actually might not have a choice if come the end of the week I have no colleagues!! 

Ahh, good job I have a sense of humour about things!! 

Back to the card, I've been trying REALLY hard to improve my colouring, I think I'm getting there with the hair, but I still have muck ups... and I'm still struggling with where the light is coming from, and I'm clinging onto the comment from the uber talented Gayle who assured me that light can come from any direction...  I'm not sure she meant all at once, but hey I'm clinging onto threads!!

I also think my Momento is running out of juice, do they do a re-inker for these?  If you know pop me a comment!  I don't know why but I sometimes really struggle to get the Kraftin Kimmie stamps to stamp cleanly all over - maybe one of those rockabloc things would be a good idea - again if anyone has any views please let me know!!

Thanks for stopping by

Sue xx


CraftyLoops said...

Oh dear Sue, you really are having such a time of it at the moment. One thing cant go wrong, without everything else following! Im so sorry things are so stressful for you. Your card is fabulous. Im not sure if monento do reinkers or not though. I do like using Rockablocks too. You dont get all the wee inky bits around the edge and it gives a real even coverage and I find you dont have to lean hard either. With my acrylic block I find sometimes if I lean on one side more than the other the stamped image is heavier coloured than the other. But I havent had this problem with the rockablocks. (Im not associated to the co, just so you know!) Hope this helps. Lee xx

CraftyLoops said...

Sue I found this site that does Reinkers. They seem to be quite scarce in the UK but the reinkers are widely available on US sites. Heres the uk site, I think she also has an ebay site too. Hope this helps you. Lee ss

Mary J said...

Love this Sue! Such a great use of the DPs and that lettering is fab!

Amanda R said...

Hope all goes well with the job Sue and that they tell you already! I have a rock a block and can't say I have noticed any difference. I don't have an answer for the stamping issue as I have the same problem other than it has definitely increased my love of digis! I think your coloring is great and I can see where you have gotten better so don't worry about the light source, I love your cards just as they are!