Friday, 2 March 2012

Oooh, just when I was in a slump, something nice happens


So glad it's Friday!!  It's been another torrid week at work... I seem to remember days in the dim and increasingly distant past when work was a pleasure, but all so stressful now there are so few of us left to do more and more.  I know things will get better eventually (like, I might win the lottery!!) but right now it's horrid!!

Never mind, I've got the weekend to look forward to - tomorrow we are going out to with the kids as it's James' 10th birthday in the week... I know, how is it possible that I am the mother of a 10 year, old I hear you ask!!  When I'm not even 25 :-D  Yeah, right, I wish!!!  Following that logic, I got married when I was 10... hmmm not going to wash anymore is it, LOL!

Ah well, despite a huge bag of mixed emotions at my baby getting into double-digits, I'm looking forward to having a good weekend with him.  Tomorrow we are going out to get his pressie - he wants more Skylanders and Lego.  I am considering encouraging him in the direction of a craft shop to ease my pain at being dragged around Toys R Us, while trying to persuade the small one that it's not his birthday, and therefore he can't have anything (can you see an epic fail in the making here???).  Other than that his plans are to go somewhere for lunch (I have vetoed KFC and Maccie D's).  No party this year, my nerves can't cope with a horde of 9 and 10 year olds in my house, and my wallet can't cope with taking same number to the cinema, especially as you look like a right tight moo when you don't let them get drinks and sweets from the concessions and smuggle in store bought stuff in your biggest possible handbag... and guaranteed a lid has come loose on one of the drinks and you have to act all nonchalant walking past the ticket person while knowing that your handbag is dripping and your phone now needs putting in a dehumidifier :-D.  Not that anything like that has ever happened to me... oh no :-D

We've settled on him having people over in the Easter holidays for sleepovers (one at a time mind!) instead!!

Anyway, that's my weekend, somewhere in there I've got to make him a card, without him seeing it, probably easier said than done

I said in my title that there was something nice that happened this week, actually there's two nice things

Firstly, two of my cards appeared in The Complete Guide to Digital Crafting, which is a Bookazine published by Practical Publishing, but seems to be out of stock on their website at the moment but apparently is available in WH Smith, and some bigger supermarkets etc.  Strange, after 17 years of being out of the whole journalism thing, my name should end up in print!!  A massive thanks to Kerry for being bribable enough to let me send her some cards to appear :-D  Be sure to check out all the Ladybug Crafts Ink cards that are in the issue (and the digi's that you get on the CD) as they are great fun!  If you can't get the magazine then all the images are available in te digi section of the shop, and there is massive amounts of inspiration on the Challenge blog too!

All I can say is wow, the pictures look amazing - much better than mine (thankfully!!) if you want to check out my original posts you can read them here and here, HB hasn't said a lot, but I think he was quite proud of me (bet it doesn't stop him moaning about my crafty habit though!!)

Then, I was picked at My Mums Craft Shop 

as a top three for this card

I really appreciate getting picked for top spots, much cause for the happy dance... I know, that's not an image you needed, but I do!!

Right, that's it from me for today, have a great weekend, thanks for stopping by

Sue xx


Mary J said...

OH well done Sue!! I am not surprised your lovely cards get published! And a very happy birthday to your little baby, lol!!!

Sally said...

Sorry to hear work is not great :(
Well done you on being published......such an amazing feeling. Great to be picked as top 3 too.
Hope you have a good weekend and manage a visit to the craft shop.
Hugs Sally xxx

Kerry said...

The pictures are amazing as are your cards Sue...thanks for helping me out :-D Happy Birthday to James...he'll be 21 before you know it lol. And well done on your Top 3 win...That Magnum is a Top Cat lol xx

applejack cards by sue said...

ToysRus do have skylanders for £5.00 at the was my little grand daughters birthday last week so I bought her 7yr old brother Eruptor to keep him happy. I am enjoying my first visit to your beautiful blog. sue

Christine said...

Hi Sue, I'd like to add to the good times if possible as I have passed on the Liebster Blog Award to you! You're work is beautiful! Please see my blog for the details: