Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Anything Goes with Bugaboo at Top Tip Tuesday


Apologies for such a long absence... to cut a very long story short we were burgled back in May, and everything I need to post on here was stolen (laptop, cameras etc)... then I realised that when they had thrown my printer on the floor they broke that, and realised last week my Grand Caliber also had been broken... gutted over it all doesn't quite cover it.

Anyway, I've chucked out everything that was broken, redecorated my bedroom and replaced the contents of my underwear drawers - just couldn't cope with the thought that horrible people had been in my personal space, and rumaging through my undies!  Yuck :-(  I hope that they get everything they deserve for making my children cry, and making us all not feel safe in our home.

Now I've done battle with the insurance company I can replace the stuff that was taken, and get creative again, it totally sapped all my energy.  And I'm delighted that both LCI and Top Tip teams that I design for have been wonderfully supportive and sympathetic, both giving me a leave of absence to sort out the insurance, house, police, children and me (being mum, I dealt with it all then it all hit me like a brick)!  Thank you all, you are fabulous xxx

Anyhooo... So without further ado... this weeks Top Tip Tuesday is an Anything Goes challenge, sponsored by Bugaboo Stamps... and there is a fabby tutorial on shaker cards... check it out... just love shaker cards especially in the run up to Christmas :-).  I used one of my go-to images - Har Repotter the chosen one.

I've not quite decided who will get this one yet, so I'll add a sentiment later!  And oh my, taking two months off has affected my ability to tie bows!  What's going on there, this took ages, and it still doesn't look right to me!!  Anyway, the papers are MME from a Halloween range from a couple of years ago - love these as they are all textured and lovely :-)

Thanks for stopping by - I might be a bit stop/start over the next couple of weeks until I get back into my stride, so please bear with me!

Hugs... Sue xx


Elaine Stark said...

I love your card. Great patterns and colours. Elaine

Anonymous said...

Sue welcome back and I have to say this is a great card so cute and so love the way you have photographed it too! fabulous! hugs me x