Friday, 28 January 2011

Busy, busy, busy...

Oh my, what a week, thank goodness it's Friday!!

As I suspected work has continued to be a nightmare all week with not enough hours in the day and people not realising that while I may be brilliant (LOL!), but even I can only manage to do one thing at a time, and so when I ask for priorities getting the answer "all of them" is not what I was looking for :-)

On top of that I have been busy getting my eldest, James, ready to go to Eurodisney with the cubs today.  Drama came Wednesday night when I realised that I could not find the Union Jack badge that ABSOLUTELY MUST be sewn onto his uniform or he would not be allowed onto the coach.  I spent four hours + searching, suspecting small sons kleptomaniac tendencies for it being missing...

... my grateful thanks to my crafty friend Bev for coming up with ideas where I might be able to source one at such short notice (you calmed me when I was panicking!!), but much to my annoyance HB walked through the door as I was still searching at 1am and found it within 30 seconds... how I had managed to miss it when it was right in front of me the whole time I have no idea!!  Maybe because in my head it was much bigger than the 1 x 2 inch size it actually is that my brain simply told my eyes it was not what I was looking for... still I have nice and tidy kitchen cupboards for the time being :-)

Last night was spent sewing the badge (plus others he got last night) onto his jumper, then packing everything he might need.  Then up early this morning to get his tea packed up for him to eat on the journey, before doing the daily school, nursery, work run.  No rest for the wicked :-)  No lunch (again!) and me packing my laptop up this afternoon while people where still asking me questions that absolutely could not be asked of someone else or wait until Monday (honestly, I don't think they got the hint!!), and it took me saying that I was leaving right then as I had to get my son sorted and he was more important before I was able to escape!!  Grrrrr.....

So picked up small son from nursery, big son from school then to MIL's to get big son showered and changed and meet up with HB then up the hill to where the coaches left from.  And OMG how many small boys (and a few girls!)... in all there are 8 coachloads of them making their way!  I did get a bit emotional seeing him going off, all full of confidence and excitement, he certainly isn't my baby anymore :-)  His best friend is going too, which both his mum and I are pleased about as at least they'll have each other if they get scared and lonely :-). 

It only struck me as we were going that while he has been away from home with the cubs, or with relatives ,before he has never been somewhere where I can't get to him relatively quickly in the event something happens and he needs me, so I'm going to be a bit of a spare part this weekend!!  Still I'm sure Sam will more than make up for it :-).

I'm hoping to be able to get creative tomorrow, I've got a couple of images coloured and ready to go, but we'll see how I get on!

Sorry for the long winded ramble :-)  More crafty things tomorrow

Sue xx


Lisa Jane said...

awww - glad he got off ok.. You try and enjoy your weekend
Lisa ;)

Julie said...

You'll be fine Sue,shut the bedroom door then you won't see the empty bed! Your little soldier will have a brilliant time and come home full of his adventures.
Have a crafty weekend,Julie.x

pinky said...

He will have the time of his life I am sure. You on the other hand will probably be a total wreck till he gets back lol.