Saturday, 29 January 2011


Odd that I stumbled across this new challenge site that my DT friend Lisa has posted about, as tonight one of my friends that I went to uni has posted some photo's from when we were all young on Facebook.  I've had a look at the 100 or so pics and I'm quite pleased that in some of them someone else has been tagged when it definately is me... I could correct him but despite (or should that be because of...) half of my degree is in History, I am happy for the pictorial evidence of certain past events to be attributed to someone else :-).  Personally I think he is a brave man posting them at all although I fear an tit-for-tat onslaught of pictures appearing on the web for the world to stumble over before too long, and even back then I was normally the one holding the camera, so have the most incriminating pictures of all :-) 

This challenge however isn't asking you to post pics on your blog of your youth (thank goodness!), but of past projects, what a fab idea!! 

So the Flashback Friday Challenge this week is asking us to share

first glitter card or project.
If you really want to delve into the past, have a look at the original post here.  When I first started blogging I used to share more scrapbook layouts than I do now... hmmm... maybe I should share more now.... ahhh, I see the flaw in that plan, I've got to finish a few first!!  My photography is a bit ropey, but I think this is the first glittery one I can find, what with the Bazzill Bling CS the picture is matted onto, the gems and the Doodlebug Glittery CS (still love that stuff!!)

I love this page (despite it being of me) and I first published it in May last year, just after I started blogging (although I had been scrapping for a two years before then).  To cut a VERY long story short about 6 months before I started blogging things went a bit pear shaped with my crafting and I convinced myself (well, unkind comments from others convinced me) that I was stupid and daft to think I could be creative.  Despite this I carried on crafting at Scrapbook Sisters who week by week undid the damage with their kindness and friendship, but was on the still considering selling all my craft stuff but around April last year events came together and I got a craft mag, saw some LCI stamps that appealed to me, then Scrapbook Sisters started selling copics,  and I started stamping, colouring and making cards and haven't looked back since :-)  Once again, crafting makes me happy!!

What also struck me with this layout is how much I still love monochromatic colour schemes - they just seem to pack a punch like nothing else!!  At this point I'd seen loads of white-on-white, but never seen black-on-black and just wanted to see what it looked like!

Little did I think that in less than a year I would be on two fabulous design teams - joining my old friends at Scrapbook Sisters Card Challenge, and with new friends at Ladybug Crafts Ink Challenge, and that little old me who can't draw for toffee could actually make something halfway to decent :-).

When I was looking at this post I also realised that one of my first followers, Dee, made a lovely comment, and she has just started blogging again after a short absence.

Right, after a load of sentimental waffle I've rather enjoyed a blast into the past, why not show some of your early creations too??

New stuff tomorrow (promise!!)

Sue xx


Anita said...

Sue, I love this scrapbook page. I just cannot do monochromatic to save my soul, but yours is gorgeous. I cannot believe some horrible person told you that you should not craft. You have proven that person so wrong as your work is truly beautiful. And I love being on a DT with you!

~amy~ said...

Well, I am so very happy that you stumbled onto our Flashback Friday site {thanks Lisa!!!}...I really enjoyed reading your post...I can't believe some posted 100 old pics and then managed to do mis-tagging? Last year someone posted our 3rd grade class pic..ugh...s-c-a-r-y. Anyways, I was sad to read that someone would sling out unkind comments about your crafting...that is truly horrendous...they obviously didn't see your gorgeous monochromatic blingy layout with glitz! I'm so very glad that you didn't let them get the best of YOU and you are crafting happily and on design teams...that my friend is the best way to handle 'those kind of people'...yipes, sorry for my novel....thank you so much for joining in the Flashback Friday fun!!!

Lisa Jane said...

I love it Sue and i love this new challege as i think its great to look back and see how our crafting has evolved
Love the monochrome look
Lisa ;)

Jeannie said...

Lovely page Sue and you looked fab in the dress - not that you don't normally I hasten to add. I'm glad that you didn't sell your craft stuff and have more than made any body who questioned your creativity swallow their words. Thank heavens for Copics eh?

Rusty said...

Well I am so glad you decided to keep on crafting, everything you make is absolutely beautiful!! I also have been on the end of unkind comments, and that caused me so much in lack of confidence!! (ask Kerry and Lisa!) keep on going! ignore them cause I bet they are just jealous as they can't craft. I absolutely love this layout you have done, the monochromatic looks beautiful and you look so pretty and very very happy!! xx

Hayley @ said...

So glad you didn't let those horrible people and their stupid comments beat you Sue. People can be so cruel!!! Your cards and scrapbook layouts are always stunning!!!
I wish people would keep nasty commments to themselves, I don't think they realise the damage that they can cause!!!
Big hugs, PS you look stunning in the photo

Mary J said...

Sooo lovely, Sue! I love monochromatic but always struggle with it, but yours is just right! You look stunning!

Ravengirl said...

I love your scrapbook page!

Amy C said...

This is really elegant!! I love the black on black. I am glad to see that you are still crafting even though there are some out there that have tried to tear you down. Just keep on crafting....especially if it makes you happy. ;)

Scrapping Mommy