Thursday, 17 February 2011

In the dark...

... apologies for the lack of anything crafty today!  I came home to find my light on my desk has packed up and so colouring was out of the question with only the overhead light to work with (I struggle to stay within the lines with it on at times, without it doesn't even bear thinking about) so I will be dispatching HB tomorrow night to the DIY shop to get me a replacement while I take the kids swimming... he has checked and it's not the bulb so a new one is a priority!!

Good job I got a couple of projects finished already otherwise I'd really be panicking, but I can't share them with you just yet (how's that for a teaser!). 

There may be a post late tomorrow night, probably Saturday morning though, which is my last full day at home before I travel up to Birmingham on Sunday afternoon to give Kerry from Ladybug Crafts Ink a hand at Stitches on Monday and Tuesday.  I half jokingly offered to help a while back, and we confirmed things last weekend, so I'm going!!  I am quite excited, and not only cos I'm going to meet the Boss, but Hayley will be going on Monday too!

If you are lucky enough to be going why not drop in to Kerry's booth - BS12 - and say hi!

Right gotta go, my bed is calling!!

Thanks for stopping by

Sue xx


Kerry said...

Were you only joking Sue???'s what you get..I'll always accept offers of help so remember that in future lol. Just had a thought...maybe it was LA you were offering to help with!!! Sorry you got the short straw :-S Really looking forward to meeting you on safe. xx

Mary J said...

Have a fab time Sue! Don't forget to tell us all the gossip about Kerry - will she/won't she have a whip tucked in her jeans?!!

Whimsey said...

HA Mary J - you KNOW Queen Whiplash keeps that whip nearby (maybe out of sight, but nearby).

Have fun Sue - can't wait to see pix!!

Pami said...

Have fun Sue! And I hope you got your new lamp! Pami x

Jeannie said...

Have a great time Sue!

Hayley @ said...

How annoying that your light has broken :(
So EXCITED to see you both at Stitches!!!
Hmpf, now why oh why did Kerry not take us all to L.A. with her?!?!