Sunday, 27 February 2011

Sorry I've not posted in a bit

Hi, hope you are having a great weekend, I'm so sorry I went AWOL for a bit :-)
Excuses first, well I went to Stitches (which is a craft trade show) with Kerry from Ladybug Crafts Ink at the NEC Sunday to Tuesday and then back to reality (Yawn!!) on Wednesday when I had to go back to the day job :-(. 

It was a busy three days, but I think by Friday everything was covered although I next week is likely to be manic again!  The show went well (hope Kerry agrees with me!) and once I had got over my nerves really enjoyed speaking to craft shop owners from all over the UK and Europe.  The stand looked fantastic and the samples were much admired too :-)  Here's hoping you will start seeing LCI stamps being stocked in a shop near you soon, it was great meeting Kerry - although on the drive up to Birmingham I had a sudden panic thought of "oh my word, what if we don't get on!!" but I think we did even if both of us were tired and achey at times :-)

It was good to see my friends Julie and Karen from Scrapbook Sisters on the Sunday not long after I had arrived, even though they were pooped by then!!!, I'm so looking forward to seeing some of the new goodies they have ordered arriving in the shop soon... hubby is strangely less enthusiastic!!!)...

and to meet Hayley (fellow DT at LCI and owner of Funky Farm Scrapbook Barn) on Monday, Hayley's hubby took this pic of Kerry, Hayley and I...

I'd never met Hayley before, only communicated by email, so it was lovely to meet her... hopefully it won't be the last time :-), she too has ordered some fabulous new collections.  I fear my stash diet (it's not going too well already) going completely to the wall :-)

I made it home really quickly on Tuesday night, only 2 hours after I had dropped Kerry at Karen's, which was quick considering the amount of roadworks on the M1 and M25, and in time to see the kids and relieve a slightly frazzled HB (please don't give him sympathy over having to look after his children... he goes away with work loads and I don't get a medal for managing to wash, feed and dress them on my own for 48 hours!! 
So the rest of the week passed in a bit of a blur, and yesterday we took HB's parents to B and Q and Ikea, as they don't have a car anymore since my FIL had to give up driving due to him having tunnel vision and MIL never having a licence and they need a hand to get further afield.  I wanted needed to get a couple of bits to keep my stash in order, so we took both cars over.  HB seemed confused as to how my storage is no longer up to the job as it was when I bought it... I'm not sure he believed me when I told him it was just me re-organising, nothing to do with new stash at all :-)  I don't think I am alone in being completely incapable to wander round Ikea without getting a few more bits and bobs than I had intended  We popped Sam in the Creche for 45 minutes and he went in all happy but bless him was in tears (proper ones, not the fake crying!!) when I picked him up as he was worried that I wasn't coming (I think that means he does love me really!!) and it took me 10 minutes before I managed to uncling him :-)  Then we went to Nando's for a bit of a pig-out and we spent the evening having a family movie night watching Despicable Me, (think lights out, all piled on the sofa, blankets and you get the picture).  I've seen better films but the kids loved it :-)
Right that's me all caught up, gotta get cracking as I have a day of trying to juggle housework (deep joy!!) and crafting ahead (after I tidy up all my stuff!! :-) )
Have a great day
Sue xx


Lisa Jane said...

Looks alike you had a fabulous time.. what a great pic . You all look fab!
Lisa x

Kerry said...

Hmph...your picture is better than mine Sue! It WAS a flabulous weekend although we were dog tired at times. Funny, I had the same 'what if we don't get on' moment but once I whipped you in line all was good rofl. You were an absolute star and a great asset to the LCI stand. xx

Mary J said...

What a great time you had, Sue! Sooo jealous! I hope we all get to meet up in October!

Pami said...

What a fantastic photo Sue, thanks so much for sharing!!! Glad you had such a good time, I'm jealous as well as Mary!! Pami x

Whimsey said...

Oh what a great picture;sounds like you girls had a GREAT time; so jealous!!!

I have never been to an IKEA store; raging jealous over here! :D