Thursday, 22 December 2011

So many cards to make, so little time


Today is a day off for me - well I say day off, but I actually mean HB and I are off Christmas shopping today.  We are getting there and know exactly what we are looking for and from where, so just a case of getting it!!   Today is also MIL's birthday, and I haven't made a new card (I know, bad DIL!!) as I'm still up to my ears in Christmas cards so she's getting one from my box!  We are intending on taking her out for dinner later, then we will be doing the supermarket run later on tonight.  

So not much of a day off then!!

Back to work tomorrow :-( then Saturday I've got a new hob coming as mine blew up the other day and I'm kind of going to need it for Christmas dinner!!  I didn't add that to my list of disasters did I... I turned the hob on the other day, and a bright blue flash, and then all the electric tripped.  Two of the hobs now don't work, I think I should be banned from using anything electical!!

  Then Sunday... woo hoo!!  I am really looking forward to a good holiday with my favourite people!!

Anyway, enough rambling and onto todays card.  This one is for a friend who is a notorious bah humbug... but it's all an act... he's such a softy!!

Unfortunately the glossy accent's I added to the glasses of this Bugaboo image bled out again (might need a new bottle as I'm sure it didn't use to do this!)  Still it gives Santa (for the sake of arguement we'll call him Stu...) bloodshot eyes, which with two small children, a busy job, and the festive season upon us is probably fairly close to reality!!

Thanks for stopping by, more later

Sue xx


Mary J said...

So much fun, Sue - love this! Gorgeous pom poms too!

Doreen said...

A great card love the

CraftyLoops said...

Brilliant card Sue. Lee xx

pinky said...

Sorry to hear about your hob!! Loving your gorgeous card though and hope you got all your shopping done today. Hope you have a very happy Christmas. Hugs

Lisa Jane said...

oh no Sue.. its been a right week!
LOve this fun card
Lisa x

Wendy said...

Fabulous card Sue... Merry Christmas.
Wendy xx

Whimsey said...

Very cute - love that paper!! The image makes me chuckle - does it look like Queen Ladycow?


NOW you know why I'm on the naughty list!

Happy holidays sweet friend!!

Amanda R said...

My husband is a bah humbug too Sue so he would really appreciate this card. I hope your month of mishaps is over and that it is all smooth sailing from here on out. Have a great Christmas and a Wonderful New Year!