Monday, 4 April 2011

Monday, Monday

I'm going to be honest and admit that it is the middle of the night, and I can't sleep...

I tried crafting but my mind cannot settle enough and I have given up :-( 

You see yesterday morning my Dad was taken fairly poorly - he is now in the Coronary Care Unit at the hospital, and is hooked up to all sorts. 

Frankly I am terrified, he's my Dad, and he looks so frail laying there. 

They have said that he had another heart attack (but being male he didn't tell my mum he was in pain, so waited hours before she gave up listening to his protests and called for an ambulance anyway) and that it has been caused by him losing blood from somewhere, and there not being enough in his veins for his heart to pump round.

He has been poorly for some time, and the hospital put him on one set of tablets for his own doctor to change them and take him off them completely.  I know he is in the best place for him now as the staff to patient ratio is 1:2, and they are giving him transfusions to try and get his blood count up, but I am still scared stiff, I just feel like I am waiting for the phone to ring :-(.  All I hope is that he can get through his and the hospital and his doctor sort themselves out and figure out what is best for him and figure out what is wrong and deal with it (is that too much to ask!).

In the meantime, as I have nothing better to do than watch rubbish on telly I thought I'd show you some scrapbook pages from a recent class using some Prima papers

This is one of my SIL on her wedding day

And another page of my friends daughter

As ever these look much better IRL than my shoddy photography skills allow :-)

I suppose I should try and get some sleep, so I'll say goodbye for now - I'll be scheduling my posts for the LCI Challenge on Tuesday and Scrapbook Sisters on Wednesday, so apologies if they read a little odd


Sue xx


Amanda R said...

Oh Sue, I am so sorry to hear about your dad. I will keep both him and you in my prayers and be thankful that at least he is where he needs to be at this point in time. Then when he is better kick his butt for not getting treatment sooner!

Anita said...

Sue, I'm sorry to hear about your father. I will keep your family in my thoughts and prayers.

Lisa Jane said...

oh Sue - sorry to hear your news. Please take care and i am sending positive thoughts your way .. and lots of love to you ,your dad and your family
Lisa x

gayle said...

Sorry to hear about your Dad Sue. Keep positive. I know its not easy at times like this, but as you say he is in the best place. Take care. x

Kerry said...

You know I'm thinking of you Sue and sending love, hugs and prayers. Don't worry about TLT...just concentrate on your dad :-D xx

Kerry said...

When my FIL was having a heart attack he waited until he'd shaved and tidied up before calling an amublance! What is it with men??! xx

Julie said...

Dads are so precious! I'll be thinking of you Sue and wishing him well,he really is in the best place. Get a good nights sleep tonight so you're fit to look after those lovely boys of yours. Take care,Julie x

pinky said...

Oh Sue thats awful, hope you got some sleep as it will help you cope. I really hope your Dad recovers well. Love your layouts.

Pami said...

Oh Sue, just seen your post. Am so sorry, I hope your father recovers quickly. My thoughts are with you all, Lots of love and hugs. Pam x

vicky said...

So sorry to hear about your dad Sue. Thinking of you x You know where I am if you need anything (hugs) xxx

Scrapbook Sisters Blog said...

Heres hoping for a quick recovery for your dear dad. If there's anything we can do let us know. Thinking of you. Hugs. xxx