Saturday, 11 September 2010

OK, now I know what CAS means!!!, oh and another teal card :-)

Hi!! How did it get Friday???

I don't know about you but I HATE it when people (normally at work) start abbreviating things to initials.  Normally there are three of them,- initials, not people -  so they become three letter acronyms (or TLA as they are also known, abbreviated... always makes me chuckle that such a phrase has become a victim of it's own "success")  I have always thought that they are commonly adopted by senior managers who frequently have no idea whatsoever of what the TLA's mean, but use such jargon as a means to assert their authority, and look like they understand and are in control, 'cos if you ask what on earth they are talking about you are the one that looks like the ninny...

I get similarly confused when HB watches films of the action genre... I mean is DEFCON 3 better or worse than DEFCON 5??? and what is DEFCON anyway... I meant it's a six letter acronym, so that has to be serious right???    I have a sneaking feeling I'm better off being ignorant on that one!! (if you know the answer, please don't share, especially if we've just hit DEFCON 6 or 2, whichever whay it works ... just tell me how lovely the card is and I'll go through the pearly gates a happy woman!... )

So, back to the subject... I have enough of management speak at work, so to be honest I was pretty alarmed to find it had found it's way into my beloved world of craft, which i had (wrongly???) assumed was a safe haven!!

So tonight I am going to share a Clean and Simple card with you, or CAS as some call it... please, I implore the crafty community to type those extra 11 letters!!  Honestly, it doesn't take long!!

I needed this card tonight as I have been working on a load of party invites this week (got bored after 5)...  and two special cards (wait 'n' see) ... so needed to do something with no stress but that would deal with my creative urge (but be done in time to watch last ever Big Brother!!)

In essence I have followed the sketch by Mercy which you can see here.  I love her sketches as you can go plain and simple as I have tonight, or go all out and bling it up!!

This one is a simpler Teal Card than I've been doing of late, and I've had some fabulous cards sent to me., all of which is in aid of Ovarian Cancer Research and you can win some fabulous blog candy, all for making a card and sending it to me :-)  Check out what you could win here

I have used some rub ons that I've had for ages by 7 Gypsies, I was worried that they had gone "off" but they worked a treat :-)
Supplies: White Card. Bo Bunny Peacock Lane and Dot Paper; "Untamed" Gorguss Girl; Teal Pearls; Sentimet - from set, Papermania, Rub On's - 7 Gypsies

Looking forward to a crafty weekend, hope you have a good one

Thanks for stopping by

Sue xx


Julye said...

This is lovely just my style, clean and simple, though I'm not really simple well most of the time but I do agree with you about acronyms especially in telephone texts too I have to ask my teenage son but once or twice even he has been stumped but you can apparently look them up online, thank heavens for the internet unless of course there is more than one meaning.

Kerry said...

Ahhhhhh...clean and simple...thanks for explaining that one. What about OH or is it HB??? I can't figure those ones out...maybe they're TOO simple lol.I agree to a point about acronyms (can just about spell that word!) but what about rofl and lmao...I don't think I'd like to spell those out!
Back to the card...gorjuss!!!! xx

theCook said...

First time I got a "great CAS card" comment on my blog, I really didn't understand... had to go to google and type "CAS stands for"... I didn't even know about the Clean And Simple style at the time! Same for TFS (thanks for sharing). Imagine for non native english speakers such as me, it is even more difficult! (except that... maybe in fact it is easier because we can ask for the meaning more easily...)
Your card is beautiful, I love those horizontal stripes of different papers...

funky farm scrapbook said...

I literally only just worked it out (something went "ping" in my brain as I saw the title to your post CAS and suddenly thought ahhhhh clean and simple durrr
I feel the same way as you, one of my friends insists on texting in shortened form and it drives me nuts!!! I do like to use lol and rofl though but that's abotu it. I remember going onto a forum for mums a while back and all through this one woman's post it was "DD1 and DD2 and DD3" I had no idea what on earth she was going on about, it was like a completely different language!! Needless to say I didn't go back!
Your clean and simple card is lovely, I love these papers. (Oh I do use CS and PP) but I get sick of typing them so much!

Lisa Jane said...

give me proper Words anytime .. i get all confused!
love this card .. the laytout is wonderful and really suits the image
Lisa ;)

Helen-Ann said...

I tend to use them pretty hit and miss, often in the same sentence lol.

I love this card, it's stunning, going to have to have a go at a clean and simple card (not my usual style lol)

Goegeous colours too

Hel xx

Whimsey said...

What a great card - love the incredible pop of colors - beautiful!!

pinky said...

Took me a while to work that one out too lol. But your card is definitely easy to work out, love those colours together.

Dee G said...

Hi Sue, I'm loving your CAS card, not that I knew what it stood for. I use a couple of abbreviated words but on the whole, it's whole words!

I'd like to give a clean and simple card a go, looks fun.

TFS, Dee xxx

vicky said...

Fab card Sue def. my style I think I could just about manage this one LOL! :-) oh look used one of my most frequently used abbreviations! and to clear up the DD one for someone who posted earlier this means Darling Daughter so DS = Darling son and so on!!! Enjoy the rest of your weekend and see you next saturday yay! xxx

Lori said...

Too sweet! Love the combination of papers you used.

Annika said...

Hi there!

What a really super card and brilliantly coloured image.

Thank you for joining in our Stripes And Spots theme at Stamp Something this week and good luck!