Thursday, 23 September 2010



I've had a busy couple of nights getting myself ready for Saturdays sale, I've gone through all the cards and made sure each one is in a little bag, with envelope and a price sticker.  Made boxes for the cards that are too thick to pop in a normal envelope

I've checked my tablecloth is clean (nearly, nothing on earth is going to shift that tiny little stain, grrrr) and have found a couple of runners to dress it up a bit, they all need an iron but that is a job for tonight or tomorrow (or my mum if she volunteers :-)  )  Tonight I'm going to see if I can make a little flyer explaining who I am, and why I have enlisted the help of so many of my fellow crafters across the world to make a teal card - at the last count we have 97 cards all packed and ready to go!! 

A massive thank you to everyone who has taken part, Funky Farm Scrapbook Barn and Ladybug Crafts Ink for adding to the blog candy incentive, and all at Scrapbook Sisters for being kind enough to let people leave cards for me at their shop - I had no idea when I started this we would get so many - I was thinking 40 or 50 tops including mine!

I wanted something to run along the front of the table and my hubby offered to make me a little sign (think he forgot that though cos they are really busy at the moment!) but I wanted to make something anyway, so over the last couple of evenings I made this

It stretches out like bunting (obviously) but to get a photo of it all stretched out would have meant laying it on my hall floor and hanging over the bannister to get a decent photo which didn't seem too sensible an option !!

Nothing over fancy, but I am quite impressed with myself, even more so as I realised after I'd done them all that I had forgotten to create a secret way for threading them on the ribbon, and had to sew them on (brave moment for me!) the stitching is a bit, err, wobbly, rustic, handmade in places, but I think it looks OK - you can't see in the pictures but I've used some lovely gold machine embroidery silk and I'm praying it's strong enough!!  I just wish I'd thought of doing this before I'd put the flowers through as I should have gone round the edges too - if it survives the weekend I might see if I can rejig it as I think there is another craft fair (not for charity this time though) in October sometime

The papers are freebies from a magazine, and I've just used some basic pink card, my border punches, an EK Success flower punch and some brads and some gold ribbon that I've had for ages

That's it from me today, more tomorrow

Sue xx


theCook said...

Happy you got so many cards. Your banner looks perfect!

Lisa Jane said...

LOve that bunting .. you could probably enter it into the craft garden challenge -
Good luck and cant wait to hear all about it
Lisa ;)

vicky said...

Love the bunting it will make ur table look fab! I will leave my card at the shop tomorrow hope that's not too late? it's been a really hectic week!! xx

JLJ Designs said...

Beautiful banner! I hope you sell all your cards. It's such a good cause!


Anita said...

Sue, your banner looks great. I'm glad you got so many cards. Good luck!

funky farm scrapbook said...

WOW!!!! That's great that you have that many cards, you've done such a great job - WELL DONE YOU!!!

That bunting looks adorable, I love bunting!!! I really hope the sale goes well and that you raise lots and lots of money for the charity! I'm sure all the cards will be a huge hit :D

Kerry said...

Congratulations Sue on getting so many cards for your sale. It's amazing when people are so generous with their time when it's for a good cause. I love your bunting (I only recently found out that's what it's called...) the colours are fab. I hope your hard work is rewarded on Saturday and you sell all your cards. Lots of luck xx

Rusty said...

Beautiful bunting!! very inspiring and gorgeous colours!! xxx Charisma cardz has an anything goes challenge xx

Jeannie said...

Love the bunting Sue, don't forget to take a photo of your card stall on Saturday. My cards are at the shop for you to collect. Hope the sale goes well!

NHL said...

You've done good, Sue! Well done indeed! What a commitment to make a banner as well :-) It looks very nice!
Let's keep all our fingers and toes crossed for a really good sale tomorrow!

Linby said...

The bunting looks lovely - I hope all goes well and you sell them all.

Whimsey said...

WOW - AMAZING! I'm speechless! :D

You are so darn talented!!

Julie said...

I don't know how I missed commenting on this post,so sorry I never wished you luck,I hope that the sale went well making lots of much needed money for such a worthy cause! Well done to you for organising the card collection! have a relaxing day tomorrow,you've earnt it! x

Mary J said...

Well done Sue on getting so many cards! You've done a marvellous job with that bunting. YOu made me laugh out loud about your stitching - mine's probably about as good as yours, lol!!!

gayle said...

Fantastic bunting Sue. Well done with all of your efforts. Hopefully you have made loads of money for the cause. Hope to see pictures of your stall so we can all see your hard work. x