Sunday, 26 September 2010

Teal card sale - how it went, a HUGE thank you and blog candy winner!!!

I'm so sorry I didn't post last night, I was shattered after yesterdays card sale in aid of Ovarian Cancer, after which I had to go to a kids party (too many kids, too much noise!!), we then had to go to a friends house and left earlier than we normally would have as I was feeling rough :-(  Just a cold, but I needed sleep!!  I have a couple of photo's but from when we got there we were setting up, then I helped the them as they were running behind, so managed to snap a quick couple of pics as the doors were opened and the people started to come in and from then on I was a bit busy!!  Just as a taster, here's a couple of the stall. If I do this again I'm going to invest in some stand thingys

OK, what do you want to know first???   The sale? 

Well, after a bit of a slow start I was panicking... too many people saying "ooh, I know I must need cards but I can't remember who for"... and we only had £5 to show for all the work everyone had put in, cursing people being awkward, and my poor selling technique (!) we got cracking, I changed tack and when they commented how lovely the cards were, suggested that maybe they buy one or two if they couldn't remember whose birthday was coming up, and putting them by ready and waiting... and they started to sell!!  There were so many lovely people who bought cards, and gave such lovely comments about how fantastic everyone who had helped were, especially those from outside the UK for whom the postage was quite a bit.  There are so many stories to tell, but I'll share this one... a lovely gentleman (who I think was with his mum or carer) told me that he loved Christmas and wanted special cards to send to his family, and bought every single Christmas card we could find, plus a couple of others, as I am a bit (read, a lot!) soft, I did give him a discount, as he bought so many, and then told everyone he saw how fantastic they were :-)  I think the people he sends them to will be as touched as I was, and delighted that he has bought them with love and care too :-)

In all we took just over £106, which in 2 hours was incredible, and there were a few cards left over for me to give to the family to carry on with their fundraising.

Jo, Claire and their Dad (such a lovely man) have asked me to thank everyone for your efforts, they were so unbelievably touched that so many people had come together to do something positive, in memory of Barbara, someone whom they had never met, with the aim of funding research into Ovarian Cancer, it's diagnosis and treatment... they are delighted at what we have raised already, and love that they have something different to allow them to continue to fund raise with...

so from me, but more importantly from Barbara's family a rather loud, rather huge....


(if I could have made that flash and made whooping noises I would have!!)

Right, so the only thing left to do is announce a winner of the blog candy!!

As cards came in to me I gave you a number.... didn't know I was doing that did you!!  Tee hee!!

And the winner is...................

(Drum roll please....)

Number 24

Which unbeknown to you is....

....Sheila... aka!!!

Congratulations Sheila!!!

I'll be in touch soon to arrange getting your rather fabulous candy to you!! 

On a personal note, I'd like to to thank everyone, especially all at Scrapbook Sisters for collecting cards for me, and to Hayley from Funky Farm Scrapbook Barn and Kerry from Ladybug Crafts Ink for their really generous contributions to the blog candy, and to everyone for getting involved in making a card... your help has made a difference, hopefully not only to the research and treatment of this illness but to the dedication of a family in their need to turn sadness into positive following the loss of Barbara, their wife, mum and nan

Thank you

Sue xx


JLJ Designs said...

I'm glad you had such a success! Your story made me tear up a little. I love the pic of all those cards together.


Julie said...

FANTASTIC!!!!!! how amazing to be part of such a worthwile cause even though it was only a couple of cards! If they do the same again,I'd be pleased to contribute. Pat on the back to you.x

Kerry said...

Well done Sue! Looks like all your hard work paid off:-D What a fabulous story from your gentleman..I'm sure all the recipients of his cards will appreciate the work put into them. Congratulations Sheila...Christmas has come early lol!!! xx

Lisa Jane said...

well done Sue - you did a fantastic job. You deserve a rest now! Great total ... and congratulations to Sheila..
A very very worthwhile cause
Loves being part of it
Lisa ;)

Jeannie said...

Fantastic results Sue - that's an amazing amount that you have raised and the stall looked fab too!

Jeannie said...

Fantastic results Sue - that's an amazing amount that you have raised and the stall looked fab too!

gayle said...

Well done Sue. Have a good rest - well earned. xx

Yvonne Russell said...

I'm so pleased it went well and nice to hear the story about the man buying up the Christmas cards. Hats off to you for co-ordinating this and thanks for inviting us to be involved.

Anita said...

Fantastic job, Sue! You put so much hard work into this project and I'm sure the family appreciates you so much. Congratulations, Sheila!

NHL said...

That table, with all the cards decked out, looks just lovely! You've done good, Sue! Thanks a lot for the "day-after-input"! really nice to hear!

Do you know if my cards reached you in time? I was a bit worried about that.
You can answer here:

vicky said...

Well done Sue you worked so hard and I'm glad you made a fantastic amount of money for such a deserving cause, the cards I saw that were donated were beautiful. I'm really sorry my card didn't get to the shop in time so next time I see you I will be giving you a donation to pass on xx

funky farm scrapbook said...

So pleased to hear the sale went so well. Brought a little tear to my eye, feeling rather emotional and tired! It's so lovely when people can muck in together and do something fantastic. I was so pleased to be able to help.
A lovely story about the Gentleman buying the Christmas cards, I'm sure the recipients will be over the moon with their cards.
Well done to Sheila too!!!! If you email me Sheila, I will send you your voucher! x

Sheila said...

Sue, Just got your email and I am delighted to have won and have emailed back my details. I was in tears reading about your sale and so pleased that you were able to take so much many for such a worthwhile cause. If other readers would continue to read ~ I am actually an Ovarian Cancer Survivor (had op laast Oct so still fairly raw to me) so this means a huge amount to me and makes me proud that Sue is able to help this family in what appears a minute way but is in fact a massive way for them. Sue please send them my love and tell them I am thinking of them, SHeila:)X

Sheila said...
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Linby said...

Well done Sue and congrats to Sheila on winning the candy - a worthy winner after reading her post.
Let me know if you need cards again - happy to help.

Mary J said...

Wow, well done Sue! All of your hard work really paid off!

Looking at the photo, I think my card was too dark to be teal! Sorry I didn't match up properly!!

Rusty said...

Well done for all of your hard work, sure has paid off! xx