Thursday, 17 June 2010

Memories Start in the Heart and Live in it Forever

... you know when you have one of those days???  Well today was one of those days

it started with my youngest getting a bump from my eldest (it was an accident) falling over and putting his tooth through his lip - cuddles later later they both got dressed and we got to school/nursery/work on time... not too bad

...then I had a bit of a tough day, nothing in particular, everything in general and to be honest it all got a bit too much and I just wanted to go and hide and have a good cry... but I DO NOT cry at work (unless it's really bad, or I'm hormonal, or both, LOL).  I dunno everyone was irritating me and maybe I felt bad cos I had to hurry my hurt little one along instead of looking after him like I should have :-(

...then we've kind of figured that really lovely card, my absolutely favoritist EVER card, that I did for my dutch colleague has gone missing somewhere between my offices and hers.  I'm kicking myself... I should have insisted it was DHL'd, or international signed for, but I didn't and we just sent it regular, and now it's gone missing and I am totally and absolutely gutted that she won't get her card and the messages of love and good wishes from her colleagues in the UK before her wedding... got home and chilled for a bit, then went and picked up my eldest from cubs and Arkela wanted a word, and in front of my son told me off cos I hadn't sewn on his badges that he got at his induction last week.  I'm a grown woman and she honestly had the nerve to tell me off without any knowledge of my personal circumstances for not having sewn badges on, AND told me that they had to be sewn on before he could go to camp tomorrow night.  If he didn't like cubs so much she might have been met with a much sterner answer than the shamefully meek one she got, but maybe not as I was a bit stunned at being ticked off like that... grrr... why is it that when you walk away you always think of all the things you SHOULD have said, but didn't!!!

Anyway, rant over!!!

Here's tonight's picture

Sorry the photo's not great, but it was too dark and I had to use the flash...

This is one from my wedding album of my Nan (mum's mum) and my Great Aunt Win (Dad's Side).  It's a really simple LO as I love the preprinted text at the bottom which is the title of this post

"Memories Start in the Heart and Live in it Forever"  How true is that :-)

Some chipboard letters and a Maya Road Chipboard Swirl alongside some lilac organza ribbon and rosebuds finish this page off - there is jornalling hidden under the picture, but it's slipped right in and I need to grab it out with some long tweezers!

I love the pic of my Nan and Win as it's one of the few we had of them together.  Nan passed away the day before I found out I was pregnant with my eldest son and it has always saddened me I was never able to tell her she was to be a great Nan too, but I remember her being really happy for me on my Wedding Day.

Anyway, I've rambled on for far too long, sorry!

Sue xx

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