Saturday, 26 June 2010

Yum yum yum!

It was my eldest sons school fete today - they picked a good day for it, as it was nice and sunny...probably a bit to hot if I'm honest as some of the kids were melting faster than the ice cream :-)

They had sent a box home and asked the parents to make cakes for the cake stand... well I like a challenge so made two batches, one vanilla

and one lemon

Yum yum yum!!

More tomorrow - I've got to dash as I'm got to get ready as we are going to a wedding reception tonight

Hope you hare having a great weekend



Julie said...

Scrummie doo daahh!! x

gayle said...

They look too good to eat Sue!! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!

vicky said...

YUMMY SCRUMMY!!! Just knew you'd get the gliter out!xxx