Wednesday, 2 June 2010

School Picture and a busy evening!

I've got a busy evening ahead of me.  I need to make a special wedding card for one of my colleagues in the Netherlands.  I'm going to use some of my my Bo Bunny Love Shack papers which until now I have been stroking - they are quite bright but her colours are pink red and orange so I think I can get away with it!

I've asked one of my other Dutch colleagues to email me a sentiment in Dutch... I'm only hoping that they are friends and she doesn't tell me something rude or cheeky :-)

I'm also going to use my new Bride Nikki stamp, and I've got some lace lurking somewhere, plus pins, flowers and other bits and bobs that are wedding related :-)

... I've got to have it all finished by Monday so I can take it into work and we will all sign it and send it over in time for her big day... I'll share how I get on!!

I had a great time at last nights class and got a good start on a few pages - I decided to concentrate on doing the things that I can't do at home, so now have a bag of bits ready to be finished off at home, but I'm really pleased with how I got on, I just need to find the time to do them now.

I don't know about you but I swing between doing scrapbooking and doing cards - sometimes I like one more than the other!  I think at the moment I'm really enjoying the cards though - maybe it's because there are so many great new products and some of the digi images that are now available mean that I can increase the variety of what I can do without too much cost (or having to smuggle yet another bag past HB!)... maybe giving myself a break from the pressure of the school fete has made it enjoyable again rather than a chore who knows!

After all that tonight's photos are another school picture.  I have to say that I didn't really like this photo - it failed completely to capture my son - it's too posed!  Having said that it's still the best photo he's had since starting school - but still not a patch on the one he had done at nursery, which you can see here.

Odd how when you don't like a photo that much the layout doesn't really flow :-(, the main thing I like on this page are the pencils which I made by cutting up strips of coloured card and adding lines and a bit of card at the top cut with pinking shears to make them look like they've been through a pencil sharpener.  They open up to reveal hidden journalling.

Thanks for stopping by

Sue xx

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vicky said...

Great page love those pencils might have to steal that idea!!x