Thursday, 3 June 2010

My card is done and is one of my favourites EVER!

But I can't show it to you yet!! Noooo!!!

We had a bit of a disaster on the camera front today - HB borrowed my camera for work but left the memory card at work (yes he appreciates the enormity of his error :-)   ) so I was unable to take any pictures :-(

I'm truly gutted as I was so chuffed with it - if you didn't read yesterday's post I was making a card for a colleague in the Netherlands who is getting married for our office to sign and send over to her.  I was really worried about the colours but they worked just fine - you'll just have to trust me on that until tomorrow!

In fact by happy coincidence the photos I'm showing tonight are of a scrapbook page with similar colours - pink and orange!

This page was done in my regular class at  Scrapbook Sisters and uses some stunning papers by My Mind's Eye - it's becoming a close run thing between Bo Bunny Papers and My Mind's Eye at the moment!

The pics are (for a change) of my youngest son taken at my SIL's wedding - the photo's are those that were taken in the early evening by my SIL's photographer Ken Peachey.

I'm so sorry that my pic of the page is so awful!!  We'd changed him into a different shirt for the evening - his waistcoat and cravat were hired and I couldn't cope with the stress of an 18 month old boy with a white waistcoat and cravat!  Looking again at this pic, perhaps I was a bit over optimistic on sizing as those shirt sleeves look far too long!

Loving his cheeky grin,and fascination at a light you could turn on and off by just touching the base!

Incidentally SIL's wedding was held at Elvey Farm - a stunning collection of rooms in the heart of Kent -a fab restaurant too - highly recommended.   Oooh, and it's in Pluckley too, which is supposed to be the most haunted village in the UK (I didn't spot anything spooky, but that meay have been the vast quantities of wine consumed, LOL)

Until tomorrow and those missing photo's!

Sue xx


Scrapbook Sisters Blog said...

Love his curly hair and I think the suit is just fine. Oh and I've seen the wedding card and its scrummy:)

vicky said...

Awww love those pics he's just so cutexx