Saturday, 19 June 2010

One sketch, three cards... and a mini update

All the same basic design though!

It's been a busy day here! 

HB has been working on the mini most of the day, I went to the farmers market (more on that in a bit), my Dad finished the engine so that has been collected and I've made 6 cards in between being driven insane by my youngest who was clearly missing his brother who is on his second day at Cub Scout camp.

Where to start?

Hmmm... Farmers market??  Well I went along and it was pretty busy and they had no tables left but I had a good look round and got a good feel for it.  I spoke to the lady that organises and she had a look at my work and has said she will call me about having a table at the next one in four weeks time.  There has been someone selling cards there before, but they weren't there today and she didn't know if they wanted a table next time or not - if she does then I won't be able to do it :-( - although aparently she does Pheonix cards and also sells handmade ones made by someone else.  I'm keeping everything crossed :-).  While I was there I bought some lovely cakes, carrots, pies, and some scrummy cheese so it wasn't a wasted journey in the slightest :-)

So a bit inspired I came home and got cracking.  First up, some more wedding cards

I know they are really similar to the ones I did the other day, but I really like the white on white look.  One one of them I used plain crystals, but on the other two I used the same colour as I've coloued her flowers in with.
The basic design is from this weeks Friday Sketchers Challenge

The red flowers really work with this image - should have used red gems on this one, just to see what it looked like :-)

And in orange and lilac

I then made 3 fathers day cards which I'll post tomorrow

During all this HB was out in the garage tinkering with the mini he has been working on, getting all frustrated with it, cos it's nearly there - with the exception of the engine... dad used to race motorbikes before I was born and was actually pretty good - but back in those days they used to build all their own bikes and engines, partly because of money and partly because if something went wrong they could only blame themselves :-)... a different world to how top motorsport is now!  Anyway, the engine needed a rebuild and he was roped into doing it, plus he knew what he was doing with an engine more than we did and the the budget just didn't allow for a professional rebuild - plus he is much more fussy than all but the very best engine builders and was free!! 

Now at this stage I'm going to tell you that he was 80 a few weeks back, but he has really enjoyed doing it - and he is pretty happy with how it's gone back together - the last few bits went in today, and HB and my BIL went and collected it (if we'd have let him he'd have lifted it into the car himself and brought it up here, but as I said he's 80 and although it's only for a mini it's really rather heavy!).

I managed to find a pic of it as it was lurking in the corner of the garage right at the start of the rebuild...

So they've painted the outside a lovely bright red, and everything inside of it has been taken out, re-engineered and put back togther.  I know you can't see much of a difference in these pictures apart from the colour, but I am so proud of my dad for doing it!  How many 80 year olds would even try to do something like this - I guess the final proof will be when we turn the key for the first time!! :-) 

Tomorrow it's going into the car!! Wish 'em luck (and that they emerge from the garage with the same number of digits they went in with, LOL!!)

Sorry for the long post, but like I said, it's been a busy day!!

Hope you're having a great weekend, thanks for stopping by

Sue  xx


gayle said...

Wow Sue your Dad is amazing. Id don't suppose there are many 80 year olds that will build an engine. It looks very smart. Your Dad should be very proud of himself. He probably enjoyed every minute of it.
The cards are lovely. That splash of colour just finishes them off. Will keep my fingers crossed you get your table. x

Leanne said...

Oooh these are gorgeous!

Thank you for joining us at Charisma - good luck!

Leanne xx

Scrapbook Sisters Blog said...

Fantastic cards Sue and your dad has done an amazing job with the engine x x x

{Jane} said...


Thanks for joining us on SCSC :)

Hugs Jane x

Kerry said...

I love what you did with Nikki Sue and there's something special about a white card :-D

Your dad sounds like mine. He's 77 and still climbs ladders installing windows... I don't think he'll ever retire! xx

Dotty Jo said...

Your Dad sounds like a real star! I love your cards. I agree that all that white on white is just perfect, and I love the spashes of colour with the gems matching the brides flowers! Hope you get your stall at the Farmer's market! Jo x