Sunday, 4 July 2010

Another lovely day, two cars and and (mini) adventures

Weekends shouldn't be this busy!

Yesterday was the fab Scrapbook Sisters Birthday Bash, then HB and I went out for dinner to celebrate my birthday - we didn't stay out late, but it was lovely to be able to have a meal together without worrying what the kids were up to!!

Today was an early start as I went to the Scrapbook Sisters Treasure Hunt with my friend Vicky who goes to the same fortnightly class.  I was driving (both of us in headscarves in a vain effort to stop the wind making us both look like scarecrows) so most of the pics are on Vicky's camera but think we got some good ones.  I understand Karen and Julie were lurking and have got some candid ones too... they'd probably have got more but we kept getting lost!! At this point I'm going to say that it was not the fault of navigator or driver, but whoever wrote the hunt that Karen and Julie bought off of the internet left quite a few important instructions out - most of them turn left or turn right, or straight on - all of which would have helped!

We were doing quite well for the first few questions but ended up driving round a one way system repeatedly... hmmm....  we gave up on the instructions and followed our noses and somehow got back on the right road, but by this time we were both tired, grumpy and hungry (as was the car, which spent more time in reverse than is normal!!)  As we passed the place where we were meant to be meeting for lunch we made the decision to give up and lounge on a village green instead, a bit of a cop out I know, but hey, it's Sunday, so I think we can be forgiven.

Needless to say we didn't win, but had a great time anyway.    Here's a few pics of the prize giving and the winners!  You can see more pics here


Whilst I was there I got a text from HB to say he had managed to get the Mini going... now this has been a source of great consternation over the past week as it ran initially last weekend and stubbornly refused to fire after that.  Once they realised their schoolboy error ( :-) ), and ordered more parts to replace the ones that had been innocent casualties it still wouldn't go... he was getting more and more frustrated... by process of elimination he finally sorted it and its now going!!  Whoo hoo!! 

Here's a pic of HB having driven it down the drive - it went back up too!!

And my word, it sounds rather lovely, the engine my Dad built sounds all brummy (is that a word??) and with that whine that a proper mini should have.  So now it moves under it's own steam (or should that be petrol??), so a few more little bits of tinkering to the suspension is required, carpets to order and go in and it's pretty much all finished. 

Oh, and despite my pronouncements that I wouldn't drive it, did I have a little go up and down the drive?? 

You bet I did, couldn't resist :-)

Thanks for stopping by - back to crafty stuff tomorrow

Sue xx


Julie said...

Brummy,does he come from Birmingham???? I loved my mini,well done for coming 4th today only one place ahead of us. Lol!!!!

gayle said...

Glad you had a lovely day. Welldone for coming 4th despite all of your wrong turns!
The mini looks AWESOME!!x

vicky said...

The mini looks fantastic! Well impressed! I had a fabulous day today, thanks for the ride and the laughs! We survived despite getting lost rather too often and you accosting everyone in sight for photos and directions lol! Thelma and Louise had a ball :-)xx