Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Quick card

Hi! Hope you are having a good week so far!

I've been to my fortnightly class at Scrapbook Sisters and it was as fabulous as always!!  If you are still to go you'll love it... I promise!!

Anyway, a quick card tonight...

This is one that I made on Saturday for my friend who has just had to have an operation on her nose... not a nose job but they have had to do something with it as the bone was growing and she was unable to breathe through her nose... poor love, this is the second time she has had it done, but she seems to be worse this time and is going dizzy every time she stands up :-(

Anyway, so I have made her a little something to let her know we missed her on Saturday and wish her a speedy recovery

It's nothing special, but I don't really have that many images that are suitable for a get well card, and it's not like she's in hospital or has a broken leg, so not being able to find any images of a woman with two black eyes and a nose splint - wonder why? LOL - this was as good as it was going to get!

Then, when I had finished it other friends daughter said, "it's great, but why is the dragonfly going up, not across"  Bother!  I thought it was a flower!!  Kids, don't you just love em!!  Still, it's the thought that counts (and I'm counting on her eyes being puffy and her not noticing!!)

More tomorrow, thanks for looking

Sue xx


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Debs said...

Ha Ha - I thought it was a flower as well until you wrote that it was a dragonfly - I would have done exactly the same!

It is really pretty and I am sure she will love it.