Saturday, 24 July 2010

Brilliant but unexpected day

Hi! hope you are having a good weekend... it's been a busy but lovely one so far here

It was my youngest son's third BD on Thursday, and I was a bit tardy in sorting something out.  I waas thinking about doing a party for him and a few of his friends at one of the play gym places but they were so expensive and I wondered if he would really remember it as he's only 3, next year we will do it, but this year... anyway I didn't book it and left it so late to sort something else out that it was only going to be us, SIL/BIL and two of our friends and their kids

One of our friends couldn't make it cos she was working during the day and her HB was going to be taking their daughter & her friend to the Kids class at Scrapbook Sisters, as they live in SE London it was too much to ask for him to do so much running around with 2/3 kids in tow... but got a call early this morning to say that my friend wasn't working after all, and daughters friend was ill so not going to kids class, so could they all descend on us after kids class had finished :-)

Other BF couldn't make it as she has had an operation on her nose - and although is home is getting nose bleeds with the slightest movement, driving therefore not an option :-(  We would have gone and got them, but she really wasn't up to it... but more on what we did for her in a minute...   Now these girls are like my sisters, we have been friends through our other half's for over 10 years and we support each other, have the occasional fight, but we mean the world to each other, and when I needed them the most they stood by my side and held onto me, literally, and whispered words of encouragement when I struggled through the reading at my middle sons funeral.  Girls, if you are reading this, I love each and every one of you to bits  xx

Ahhh!!! OK, slushy moment over... so me and my friends daughter decided we needed to make cards for our friend who couldn't make it, to wish her well, and to let her know there was someone missing today

First up, this outstanding effort by my friends daughter

She is only 10!!   Can you believe that she did this with very little help, all on her own!!

I didn't help her much at all, all the cutting, glittering sticking and colouring were done by her!  And it's perfectly central!!! But my word I take my hat off to Karen and Julie for doing a kids class at all, it's just so stressful!! 

My card by comparison is a bit boring, so I'll save it for another day :-)

I'll leave you with an action shot from my son.. Happy 3rd Birthday Sam, love you xx

More tomorrow

Sue xx


Jeannie said...

Happy Birtrhday to the cutest Birthday Boy!!!!

Dee G said...

Awww Sue, reading this post has really brought a tear to my eyes.
Thanks so much for sharing xx
PS Happy Birthday to your son, and I'm loving your cards xx