Sunday, 18 July 2010


Hi, hope you have had a good Sunday!

We made it to Brands Hatch today and had a great time, but i've come home a bit pink in places despite putting sun cream on and I'm quite tired so please excuse the short post.

Tonights card is one I did last night for a work colleague to send to her godchild.  Apparently she is going to be 11, so I was going to use one of the Kenny K images (I need a good excuse to get one before payday) but my friend said she wasn't into that srt of stuff.  I made a acetate card first, but wasn't sure I liked it (I'm such a fusspot), so have made this one as well so she can decide which one she likes best.  OMG horrible thought, what if she doesn't like either of them!!

Anyway, it's dark and the photos of the acetate card are pointless without the right light, so just this one to share.   I've "borrowed" one of the ideas by the very talented Gayle (click here to see more of her fab work), thanks Gayle for the inspiration :-)

Enjoy your week,

Sue xx


gayle said...

Your welcome Sue and what a brilliant job you've done. I'm sure she will love it. x

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,
you will have to excuse the lack of blogging over the weekends...Hubby works away all week so I am pretty much banned from blogging while he's home, hope you understand, when I am on my PC theres no talking to I get so engrossed, so the best thing all round is to catch up when he goes back to work on Mondays

Love all your latest designs, I think your friend will be well impressed, the papers are gorgeous, I have never made anything like this as yet, you have given me the urge to try though...

Fabulous job!!!