Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Who keeps nicking the post it pad?

I don't think I'm alone in this, but Post It pads seem to have a habit of growing legs and walking off my desk at work! 

And it's really blooming annoying!!!

So... during lunch at the Scrapbook Sisters Birthday Bash (check out their blog for some pics) I popped to the newsagent next door and found a pack of 4 post it pads in co-ordinating colours to the papers... was that fate???  I like to think so!! 

So while everyone else was busy making an additional mini project during the break - I skived off for a bit and went and sat in the sunshine for a while and missed the instructions :-)  - I made a little post it note cover thing, and it's quite cute, even if I do say so myself and would make a great token gift for a work colleague - and hey, you're gonna know pretty quick exactly who has "borrowed" your post it pad.

The paper is part of the class kit - by K&Co.  The butterfly and flower punch are from Tesco's (actually they're not bad for £2.50 each!), the letters are Loopy Lou by Doodlebug and the gems are cabochon type ones from my stash of all things shiny!

In the end I gave this to my friend Stacey, I think she liked it!

Right, better go, off to class and don't want to be late

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