Friday, 23 July 2010

So very tired!

Hasn't it been a long week!!  I've just got home and I wouldn't mind but I finished work just after 4 today, but the kids had their last swimming class of the term tonight so at least for the next 6 weeks Friday evenings aren't going to be quite so busy!

I swear it's my age, hormones, or something but I have been a bit naughty tonight... I'm hugely ashamed to say that I actually got out of the car at a junction to explain safe stopping distances to the car behind that was tailgating me.  Ok the phrase 'tail gating' may not have made it into my "do you want to see what is in my boot or are you just a huge pillock?"  rant... and I don't think I said pillock either, but you get the idea... in my defense he had been harrasing me through country lanes for over 5 miles, and I think
 my actual description was therefore factual and not a cause for intellectual debate :-)

 I'm clearly turning into some batty old dear wayyyy before my time... even though it does amuse me just a little bit to say what is on my mind!.. at this point I will confess to an incident last week involving a teeny weeny itzy bitzty young thing, a mis-used supermarket parent and child space and a caustic comment from me which resulted in stunned silence, and a sniggering customer service advisor...   I must do my level best to ensure this side of me is limited to complete (brainless) strangers though, must not, repeat, must not, do this at work - fear it would not do me any favours...

Anyway, I was going to post a card up but it's not finished yet and I'm too tired to do anything tonight,  my creativity having been wasted on devising witty put downs for middle aged men driving cars that they can afford but are far too old for... grrr...

Back to crafty stuff tomorrow

Sue xx


Julie said...

Ohhh Sue,isn't age great,my mum just opens her mouth and out comes exactly what she's thinking with total disregard as to whether it would offend or not, Thought you'd got more than a few years to go tho!!!! lol!!! x

vicky said...

Oh dear Bad day then? Bad middle aged male driver!! U go girl lol xx

gayle said...

Good on you Sue. Some just need telling how it is! Perhaps they will think next time, or maybe not!x