Sunday, 7 August 2011

Camping was OK!!!


Just a short post to say that the camping trip was OK, and that HB didn't blow my craft budget at the car show (Southern Mini Days at Bewl Water) either!!  It was flipping cold at night though which is so not right for August - HB went mad when he spotted me loading not just sleeping bags but blankets into the car, but I think he changed his mind around 3am on the first night when we woke up freezing cold. LOL... he also laughed at me packing waterproofs, and didn't take his, something which he regretted around 9.30 this morning when the heavens opened.  It only lasted about an hour or so though and I had taken a brolly so we were all dry enough, and the sun came out and it was a lovely day. 

We got a few pictures but I think this one is my favourite, check out the ickle caravan this lady uses as a tea room!!  

Of course I had to test the cakes and they were scrumptious!!  I think the kids enjoyed themselves too - although the youngest only came on Saturday as he is a bit too small to go camping, and he is a little wotsit for going to bed and staying there!!

  My eldest and I took the Mini out on the Saturday with about 70 or so others for a little drive, and there were so many people out of their houses waving... some of the cars were really rare ones and most that were there were in beautiful condition.  HB wasn't disappointed with his in comparison to others, although I'm not surprised as he does fuss over it!!

This is a pic of me and my son, not that you can see either of us!  And yes, the car is wet... this car is NEVER driven if it's raining!!  I had to dry it all off with one of his special cloths when we got back, LOL :-D 

Seriously though I am really proud of him -this was it shortly after we got it in 2009 - we jetwashed it and most of the paint came off!!  This picture was taken after he'd set too intentionally removing the rest of it!!

I don't think he'll ever actually finish it, but he's happy tinkering!!
I have a sneaking feeling that this may not be our only car related weekend as something was mentioned in passing tonight. I'll let you know what else he has planned for us when I'm told :-D

Have a great week, hopefully back to crafty stuff tomorrow

Sue xx


CraftyLoops said...

Glad the camping wasnt too traumatic Sue and your craft budget didnt disappear. Lee xx

Lisa Jane said...

oh glad you had good time.. it looks fab! I love that little tea room .. i want one lol
We are off to the VW festival this weekend - cant wait
Lisa x

Pami said...

Hi Sue, and welcome back, glad you had a good time in the end!! Some great photos, thank you for sharing them! I love the little tea room! Pami x

Julie said...

I thought your blog had gone a little quiet lol! Glad you had a nice time,shame about the chilly nights,camping can be great fun when it's nice! Loved seeing the photos! Julie x