Friday, 21 May 2010

Oops, nearly forgot :-)

So there I am packing up my stuff for tonight's crop at Scrapbook Sisters when I suddenly realised that I had said I would make a card for a work colleague who needed something quick for a wedding this Saturday!!!  I've been so busy this week doing other things that I completely forgot!!!! 

So I had to get some stuff back out again and get cracking!!  Thankfully I had already discussed the design with her so fingers crossed she likes it :-).

Fortunately I know the bride too and know she's planned her wedding to be small, intimate, classy and elegant, and that she would prefer this sort of design to something overly sentimental or slushy (thank goodness or I'd probably still be making it...)

Her colours are deep purple and white, and I had some beautiful purple satin Berisford ribbon in my ribbon box that looks really luxurious.

The diamante buckle are from the few that I had left over from my SIL's wedding invitations, and the Bo Bunny rub on sentiment is perfect for her and her HB to be - plus I have no idea where my "On Your Wedding Day" Stamp has got to! :-).

Underneath the white card is some purple Bazzill bling.

I jokingly call this design my "Boutique Range" and it appears in many guises throughout the year - in various colours, Christmas, engagements, wedding cards and acceptances, anniversary, birthday - it seems to be one of those designs that is really adaptable to pretty much any occasion when you need a classy card, the border stamp changes depending on the theme of the card, tulle and ribbon make guest appearances, and the diamante and bows and knots take turns too :-)
One addition to this card that I haven't done before is to make a additional score at the top of the back of the card, and stuck this to the front with double sided tape - this was something Gayle Bond showed me to do, and what a clever trick it is too, as it stops this type of card from sliding flat, I hope it works on this one as its quite front heavy!   I'm not sure if I described what I've done there very well, so as a picture describes a thousand words...

Thanks for looking



Julie said...

These cards are beautiful,remember witnessing your first and being in awe! Like Gayles tip, something I'm def going to try TFS x

Scrapbook Sisters Blog said...

Lovely card Sue. I knw theyll love it.

gayle said...

Very classy card Sue. The 'Boutique' range starteth here!x

vicky said...

Beautiful as always xx

Jeannie said...

Beautiful card - they'll love it!