Sunday, 29 August 2010

What a busy weekend

Just thought I'd check in and say Hi!

It's been a busy weekend so far, London, lunch and the science museum yesterday - lunch lovely but a 15% service charge a bit naughty, esp when they added 3 desserts to the bill which we didn't have... hmmm... science museum, good in parts, a bit stuffy and outdated in others, we didn't see it all, but think Natural History Museum next door next time (if nothing else cos I love the building!).  We got a couple of pictures but not loads as I didn't want to take my big camera into town and SIL has borrowed the point and shoot so had to use the camera on my phone and the images aren't brilliant :-(

Today we have had friends down, and the kids have been charging around, dinner was a home cooked Lasagne, yum yum!  But too tired to craft tonight, and eldest is hogging the PC where I store all the pictures of my completed projects, so this is a pictureless post .

Having a crafty day tomorrow though :-)  Hope you are having a great weekend

Sue xx


funky farm scrapbook said...

Gosh that is very naughty to add a service charge without showing it and to put desserts on when you didn't have any!!! I hope you got them to take them off and complained!!! I believe the natural history museum is meant to be worth a visit but I've not been myself.
Home cooked lasagne sounds delicious (although I don't like beef, I use turkey mince lol!)
Enjoy your evening off and have a lovely day crafting tomorrow. I'm off to make cards now as both my HB and little one are in bed! Peace and quiet! x

Julie said...

What a busy weekend you've had,isn't London tiring! We made use of the kids go free to the theatre and went up this week to see Dirty Dancing,what a bargain! Enjoy the Bank Holiday,Julie.x

gayle said...

Glad your having a good weekend Sue.Have a good day crafting tomorrow. I have completed a couple of cards for you for your charity challenge. Will drop them into Scrapbook sisters in the week for you to collect. I will let you know when I've dropped them off. x

vicky said...

Glad you had a good weekend. Was good to see you today. Also wanted to say another big thankyou for making the card for mum and dad they loved it xxx

Lisa Jane said...

Sounds like you have a good day - but yes they were naughty with the charge ..
Hope you have a great day today
Lisa ;)